The Astoria Group exists since 1995.
We exercise activities in the fields of accounting, consulting, legal services, financial planning and consultancy for legal entities and individuals, which among others include -- organization, restoration and conducting accounting in full volumes, tax, payroll and administrative accountability , upholding of the interests at tax authorities, pension, social security, medical authorities (off-budget funds), statistical and other State bodies, establishing of the firms or accreditation of the representative offices, translator, notarization and other accompanied services for full business support in Russian Federation.


Corporations and their representatives often get into difficulties when starting their activities abroad. Ignorance about specificity, legislation, lack of the information - this is incomplete list of reasons of that. In Russia this situation is aggravated by variable and complicated legislation and specificity of authorities - tax and registration authorities, off-budget State funds.

Our goal - it is to provide a whole package of services that would allow foreign corporations and firms to resolve whole complex of the issues with the help of one partner. In other words -- we do all routine part of work, interact with authorities, provide information and variety of solutions on transactions, resolve bureaucratic issues and so on. And you do your business.


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Among the group customers there are various businesses such as international transnational corporations and concerns, firms and corporations of the Russian Federation, foreign companies' reprsentative offices or individuals. All are various forms of ownership and carrying out various kinds of activities such as: equipment production, services, intermediary activity, retail and wholesale trade, export of services, services on lease of property (including abroad), etc.

We pay special attention to the foreign Headquarters and corporations, their representative offices or subsidiaries needs.

One of the main feature of cooperation with such companies -- it is the increased requirements, caused by the responsibility of the subsidiary before Headquarter abroad, a relatively complicated legislation for foreign representations in Russian Federation, distinction of systems of the reporting and accounting in the different countries and necessity of transformation of the accounting and tax reporting for the HQ abroad.

Also, a necessary condition it is the strict observance of the legislation at realization of activity of representatives -- that is especially important for the legal entities with the participation of State. Among others we cooperate with international corporation created on the basis of interstate agreements at the governmental level (building and maintenance of objects of an electro-power complex). We have agreements with the largest in Europe heavy industry manufacturers of machines and processing lines for production of wrapping and packaging materials, lifts and elevator systems, electricity and heating bio-energy production plants manufacturers, development companies, industrial vacuum systems.

We have been developing and successfully apply methods that allow foreign businesses to act through the representative offices or local subsidiaries in Russian Federation confidently, irrespective of legal form or type of activity.

Trust and long-term cooperation – that is we consider as a confirmation of the highest estimation of our work from our customers.


The system of the organization of internal structure of management and realization of activity of our Company is built in such a manner that the customer's firm is virtually “connected” to the division of the Astoria that includes a staff – accountants and the lawyers - carrying out continuous monitoring and conducting of the customer in a “real-time mode”, and providing the system of multilevel control of activity and document circulation. In fact we operate as a customer’s accounting and control department, not demanding office areas and the equipped workplaces.

By virtue of nature of the carried out by us activity, and also in connection with that according to the legislation in Russia, the legal responsibility on correct conducting of the accounting and formation of registers bears the company which is carrying out such activity, a necessary condition of realization of activity by us is constant, actually in a “real-time mode” monitoring of the legislation of the Russian Federation. In cases when it is necessary, and also in case of discrepancy of the legislation, we address to the State authorities official inquiries about its explanations.

As a result of whole of actions, and also basing on a wide experience, the Atsoria Accounting & Consulting develops for our customers legally proved recommendations on realization of activity and accounting, determines an accountability policy of the business and the legal conception of transactions from the point of view of the accounting and optimization of expenses.

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