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How to account Director's expenses for restaurants, taxi, tips etc etc for reimbursement?

How do I return money I spent on...

I am a foreigner. Do I need working visa to be employeed at my firm?
Does our newly set up firm or representation office need any special permissions to employ foreign staff?
Do you provide services on obtaining full package of documents for the foreign staff?
What does "outsourcing" mean?
Does the outsourcing firm bear responsibility?
What kind of services does you provide?
What is the cost of services?
What advantages does the company get when cooperate with you?
We exercise activities in a field of (...)
Can we cooperate with you?
Can you help us to reduce our spendings?
Can foreign citizens (individuals) and non residents of Russian Federation take any advantages of cooperation with you?
What services are applicable to individuals (non-residents)?
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