First, we bear full responsibility. What does it mean?

When your company hires an accountant, your business is responsible before the State for all her/his actions. Under no circumstances accountant (as he/she is an individual) answers for himself by the law. The company itself does.

When you conclude a contract with side accounting or legal services services provider, this services provider bears all responsibility according to the contract. We are responsible for any your business' penalties or fines, which may arise in case of accounting mistakes or non fulfilment of the law requirements.

Second, we are English speaking.
Moreover, we provide in English all kind of reports which headquarters may request.
And YES, we transform items and figures from russian accounting standarts into requested forms (IFRS, GAAP or specific accounting form), translate it, and then support it - all in English.

Third, you receive very qualified and guaranteed services in all-in-one package. This is because we know every minor current law changes, requirements, practice and even all local tax or other State authorities branches workstyle, as we have many customers and huge practice. None single accountant, even very experienced, is not able to know as much as well coordinated and tuned corporate system is.

Fourth, our solutions are instant and effective. We do not experiment. We suggest right way to solve an issue at once.
Our partners receive effective financial and legal tools that allow directors and managers to make legally grounded and economically expedient solutions.

Fifth, we are very cost effective.
Your company is served by whole staff of lawyers, accountants and financial managers, whose hiring in such number and at level of proficiency - it would be inexpedient or even ruinous...

Even technically your business can monthly save funds on:
  • Rent and payments for additional office space
  • Staff salaries and wages
  • Taxes (incl. taxes on salary)
  • Payments for own lawyer and purchase access and monthly updates of juridical databases
  • Equipping of employees workplaces - purchase of computers and whole hardware and software complex
  • Service, support and keeping workplaces up to date
  • Additional expenses on communication
  • At the same time, expenses on our services contract are referred to the cost value of goods (or services).

  • Thus, you will not need to keep, support and place of whole department.

    Sixth - we are flexible!
    At suspending or decreasing of business activity, persistent standstill and considerable decreasing of volumes of work, business does not continue to pay salaries or other expenses, and payments for our accounting or payroll services are reduced as well - we flexibly revise conditions of the contract!

    And Seventh - we try to create very friendly working environment. We do our best you and your employees to feel like we are your company's department. Seamlessly.

    Again, sounds too good?
    Please do not hesitate to request references and testimonials from the largest European or World Corporations.

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