In view of lack of knowledge of Russian legislation and market, foreign subsidiaries address to:

Russian juridical firms
Famous major foreign juridical firms, which at the last stage, act by the same Russian firms or Russian individual employees
Or hire accountants and lawyers directly

In first case, cost of services for the foreign corporation often noticeably exceeds average level of prices for Russian firms. The unfair firms or firms especially recently working on the market may unreasonably overestimate cost for the foreign subsidiaries.
It is necessary to understand, that procedures, for example, on registration of the local company or accreditation of foreign representatives etc, are unified from the point of view of the legislation. This means that it is impossible to realize them wrong way - state authorities simply don't accept wrong documents. Therefore the volume of the services is the same to any professional company, and the final result is the same -- final documents must be identical and no matter who did the job. Under such circumstances overestimate of cost is unreasonable and unfair.

In the second case, the prices can be even higher at the same quality and volume of service. The foreign daughter businesses and representations, as a rule, pay for expensive offices of legal firm, instead of quality or volumes of services actually rendered, and actually either external (outsourced) Russian companies or hired Russian employees perform the work...
In other words, this is a combination of the first and third variants, but under a signboard of a famous company and for unreasonably high cost.

The third case is the most budgetary, however the whole of responsibility before the state authorities falls on the subsidiary itself. Taking into account, as a rule low qualification and lack of the specialized experience, and also absence of the organized system of interaction, monitoring of persistent changes of the legislation and practice, necessity of the organization of workplaces and numerous law restrictions to do that for the foreign corporations, and also absence or negligibility of a difference on payment compared with the diligent Russian services provider – this is the most risky and inexpedient on a price/quality ratio choice.

Owing to knowledge of specificity and a wide experience, our company successfully copes with posed tasks, functions in the market of accounting and legal services more than 18 years and is one of the first of companies that offered such services on the developing Russian market.

At distribution of the responsibility which is legally fixed according to the Russian legislation and a contract with the conscientious Russian law firm, the foreign companies and representatives receive the high quality package of services, guaranteed by the Russian legislation in full.

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Accounting and Legal Services in Russia (practice)

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