Accounting services list

In general case our services include

Elaboration and conducting administrative, tax accounts and accounting, elaboration of an accounting, tax and financial policies of corporation
Elaboration of interaction scheme of the company’s structural divisions and branches with the purpose of optimization of expenses
Restoration of the accounting and audit of the past periods
Consulting in fields of taxes, finances, banking and other legislation of the Russian Federation (for foreign corporations, representative offices and citizens (individuals) as well)
Conducting the bank settlement account transactions (including formation of payment orders on the basis of bills, tax payment requirements etc)
Elaboration of system of document circulation
Formation and submission of the accounting and tax reports to the tax authorities, off-budget funds, bodies of the statistical accounting and other state administrative bodies
Formation of advance reports (on the basis of the received primary documentation)
Accounting of expenses (rent, public utilities, secretarial expenses etc.)
Drawing up of the reports for the Headquarter abroad, under the demanded form (not specialized forms)
Upholding of interests at tax bodies and off -budget funds
Formation of primary accounting documents (bank and cash documents, bill -invoices, waybills, statements of the accomplished works (services) etc)
The analysis of financial and economic activity
Estimation of assets and liabilities of merchant or other economic object
Supervision of primary documents of contractors
Monitoring of payments
Conducting cash transactions
Contracts and agreements legal expertise
Calculation and charge of wages and taxes on salary fund
Elaboration of methods and policies of work and training of the staff for realizatio n of schemes of interaction
Control and monitoring of realization by the staff of the worked out schemes
Drawing up of income tax returns in view of social and property tax deductions (for physical bodies and individuals, including foreign citizens)
Offset and return of the taxes paid abroad (for foreign citizens and citizens of Russian Federation)
Cash transactions accounting
Hot-Line consulting

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Accounting Services

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