Legal services list

In general case our legal services include

Complex legal services for corporations and individuals (including subscriber services)
Establishing, accreditation and liquidation of subsidiaries (representative offices or daughter branches) of foreign corporations in Russian Federation
Permission to employ foreign employers
Working visas
Work permits for foreign employees
Establishing (including by reorganization) of corporations of all types of ownership; state registration of the changes which must be inserted or must not be inserted into constituent documents
Register(unregister) at their residence address of corporations' detached divisions/branches to(from) the local tax authorities
Registration of corporations of all organizational-legal forms, entering modifications in constituent documents
Working out of various civil contracts and contractual schemes, including the external international economic contracts, employment contracts, shareholders agreements, Articles of Association etc
Consultancy (verbal or written) on various legal questions
Expert examination of documents
Pre-trial dispute settlement
Work on claims
Representation of interests at arbitration courts and courts of the general jurisdiction (including the international commercial arbitration) at all stages of process
Assertion of interests at the state bodies
Preparation, support and registration of transactions with the real estate and the land parcels
Registration of stock issues in FSFR (ex RO FKCB)
Other services (appropriating of codes of statistics, translation of documents, addresses for corporations etc.)

Not in the list?

You can always request specific service. There are general and most demanded services published in the list. We can help in other cases or would advise the best solution as well.

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Legal Services

Services for corporations and individuals